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Transition from Primary to Secondary School

At Norden we are particularly proud of our fantastic and extensive transition program.

All Year 6 students who are allocated a place at Norden High School are visited in June at their primary school by Mr Easton or Mrs Whalley. During this visit they chat to the pupils about all aspects of life at high school and how this differs from primary school. Pupils then spend some time asking various questions that they may have about Norden and these will be discussed at length to help dispel worries and clarify queries.

Following on from this visit, all Year 6 pupils are invited to an Induction Week; usually the first week in July. This involves the pupils coming to Norden High School for the whole week where they get to meet staff, their form tutors, their Head of House and their new classmates. During the week they take part in lessons, meet the Student Leaders, take part in challenges and team building events and grow familiar with the layout of the school and the grounds.

During Induction Week parents/carers are invited into school one evening to: meet the staff, meet their child’s form tutor, look at the work their children have produced over the week and ask any questions that may have arisen during the course of the week.
Induction Week provides a fantastic opportunity for them to settle into high school before the start of the academic year. It also elevates any worries or concerns they may have about starting high school in September. Each year, new friendship groups are established and by the end of the week their confidence has increased tremendously and they are eager to return!
Which, with the huge success of ‘Summer School’, the return to Norden could happen during August for many of our new pupils; where a 5 day program of varied activities and academic challenges ensures our new starters are attaining high even before the new term begins.

The transition program that we offer means that pupils arrive on their first day in September excited about the next chapter of their education, rather than feeling apprehensive.

Moreover, our support of the transition process doesn't end there. After the first month of being in Year 7, we provide a Year 7 Settling in Evening to review, in detail, the start that each new student has made. It is also an opportunity for parents to speak with their child’s teachers, to see examples of their work and celebrate the beginning of their high school journey. This level of support continues throughout the academic year through a Parent’s Evening and full school reports.