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Reporting a Pupil Absence

What if my child is ill?

Ring the school before 8.40am on the morning on the first day of absence - telephone 01254 885378 - to inform us that your child is ill (a message can be left on the answerphone).   Also please send a letter with your child on return to school, explaining the reason for the absence, with the date(s) your child has been away from school.

What if my child needs to leave school early for any reason?

We ask that medical and dental appointments are made outside of school hours although we realise this is not always possible.  Should such an appointment occur during the school day, and where possible, please notify the school in advance.  On the day of the appointment a note should be written in the student’s planner or the student should carry a note from home stating the reason for leaving early and the time they need to leave.  The student must sign out at the school office before they leave the school premises.