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Every child of compulsory school age has a right to a full time education. It is the responsibility of the parents/carers to ensure that their child attends school regularly. At Norden High School we will work with parents/carers and pupils in order to ensure that all pupils attend regularly and therefore fulfil their potential.  

The School Day

The school day begins at 8.40am and arrival after this time will result in a late mark.

Reporting Absence

If your child is going to be absent from school you must report the reason to the school office by calling 01254 885378 before 8.40am and leave a message on the answerphone. Failure to report the reason for absence may result in the absence being recorded as unauthorised.

Leave of Absence in Term Time

As of 1 September 2013 Headteachers cannot authorise any leave of absence during term time unless they are satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances to warrant the granting of leave. Any leave of absence taken without approval will be recorded as unauthorised and may attract sanctions from the Local Authority in the form of a fine.

Tracking Attendance

We operate a Red, Amber, Green coloured system to recognise pupils’ attendance.  Pupils will be notified weekly what their level of attendance is and what colour category they fall into. Attendance levels will be displayed in House Group Tutor rooms.

  • Green recognises good attendance;
  • Amber shows a cause for concern;
  • Red indicates that attendance is below the expected level. 

Rewarding Good Attendance

We believe that good and improved attendance deserves recognition. This comes in many forms throughout the year including half-termly Gold, Silver and Bronze attendance certificates, ‘on-the-spot’ prizes, qualification for the end of year rewards trips (Prom for year 11), House Attendance Trophy competition and awarding of achievement points.  

Improving Attendance

We are passionate about working closely with parents/carers. Parents/carers will be notified if their son/daughter’s attendance falls below the expected level and intervention processes will begin. Parents/carers may be invited into school as part of this intervention process and a plan will be devised in order to ensure that regular school attendance is secured.
Every school has a duty to refer regular absence to the local authority and the local authority will decide whether the parents/carers should be prosecuted.

Please take the time to read the Whole School Attendance Policy for more information on attendance matters (available via the school website). Alternatively, contact a member of the school attendance team.