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Lunchtime and Catering Arrangements

On your child’s admission form, you will be asked to state the arrangements you have made for your child during the lunch period.  Please note there are only two options for students in Years 7 – 11; they must either:
STAY IN SCHOOL and have a school meal or STAY IN SCHOOL ​​​​and have a packed lunch
There are NO OTHER ALTERNATIVES and students are asked to be consistent in their choice of dining arrangements.  If purchasing food from school, students have a wide variety of hot meals to choose from including a roast of the day, curry of the day, stir-fry, salads, pasta dishes etc. We offer a ‘meal deal’ option whereby students can purchase a main course plus fruit/cookie plus a bottle of water for £2.30.
There is a self-service cafeteria which provides both snacks and full meals, including vegetarian options.  Students are admitted to the cafeteria on the strict understanding that the normal social standards of behaviour are displayed. Any child acting in an inappropriate manner in the dining room will be asked to make alternative dining arrangements.  
The Catering Manager, Mrs Barlow, is always happy to meet parents and discuss any particular dietary needs.  Please note that the current free school meal allowance is £2.30.  
Seating areas are available both inside and outside.  
At Norden we operate a cashless catering system.  This enables us to deliver a more efficient, faster service and to provide wholesome, healthy and enjoyable meals at the lowest cost.  If your child receives free school meals their account will be automatically credited daily although they are able to add extra money to their account if required.  
Please note that cash cannot be accepted at the food counter till point. 

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