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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our parents / former pupils:

I attended St Augustines high school in Billington from 2011 until February 2015, I was always bullied and struggled in school which the staff where made aware of before I even started. I started struggling severely with anxiety and other disorders when I entered year 10 to the point where I would rarely attend for half a day.
"I feel like the school didn't care and I had been thrown away- I was useless. After being admitted to hospital for four months, I chose to move to Norden High School which was the best decision I ever made, I was terrified but was instantly embraced with warm smiles and helping hands by students and teachers!
"My past was irrelevant and I was supported by every teacher I met, I gained so much more confidence and my grades and attendance have soared! I wasn't expected to do well at St Augustines if I ever even managed to do my exams, by the end of my time at Norden, I`d been getting C's and above!
"I just cannot put into words how much love and support is spread around this school and how distraught I am about this recent report. I wouldn't have spent my last two years anywhere else. Norden saved my life and secured my future, without them I wouldn't be going to Hartpury Equine College in September, a college where Olympic gold medalists have attended, but no matter how far I get, I will always come back to Norden.
"I have never felt more welcome anywhere and that is a feeling everyone wants to feel, but not everyone gets the chance or wants it. A good school isn't defined by OFSTED reports or academic achievements it is defined by pupils like myself, being the best they can be thanks to the help and support of the staff at Norden High School.
Date of Posting: 21 July 2016
Posted By: Sophia Tattersall
I would like to thank you and your team for taking the time on Wednesday evening to discuss the recent report.
As a parent all I have to say is that my son George really enjoys school and has been supported extremely well with his behaviour and has definitely matured. His first words were I am not changing school and if it closes I won't be going anywhere else.
Norden is a school who cares about its pupils, not just those that are academic. It sees a child's other potential and focuses on the positives.
The recent negative comments on Facebook have been unjustified. Norden is no different than other schools who are deemed to be outstanding. I have witnessed bad behaviour from pupils who attend those schools.
What was nice to see was pupils defending the school.
I hope that all parents and pupils sign up to the plans that are going to be out in place and assist the school to have a good offered rating which it deserves.
Date of Posting: 21 July 2016
Posted By: Michelle Hodson
TWO school pupils have hit back at Ofsted inspectors who branded their East Lancashire school ‘inadequate’, claiming the report was unfair and ignored the many positive aspects of the school.
Norden High School and Sports College in Rishton was placed in special measures after inspectors raised concerns over safeguarding and claimed the teaching at the Stourton Street school was ‘not good enough’ following an inspection in May.
But GCSE students Natasha Smallridge, 16, and Kiara Carlin, 16, who contacted the Lancashire Telegraph after reading the report, said they disagreed with many of the findings and praised the standard of teaching.
Kiara said: “We read the report and there are a lot of things we do not agree with. Having been at the school for five years, it just really does not make sense.
“There were 12 to 14 negative points and only three positive.
“They came in and looked around for a day and a half and spoke to us and other students. They asked about the school and got positive reflections, but that did not come up in the report.”
Kiara said she moved to Norden after experiencing bullying at another school.
“I felt Norden was a better environment for students. It was a lot more friendly and I knew I could ask for help from teachers. I felt I could go up to the teachers and tell them about my issues,” she said.
“For me the teaching made it easier for us to understand. I understand more now and even if I didn’t they would help explain things to you.
“There is also a new behaviour management member of staff who has made a lot of changes.”
The pair, who recently sat their GCSE exams, said the teachers went out of their way to put on extra revision sessions for pupils in the holidays.
“Even if I do not get the grades I know I had the support and did my best,” Kiara said. “There are good people in that school.”. Every individual student has always been helped no matter how big or small their issues are.”
Natasha said: “The school does not deserve ‘inadequate’. I think the inspectors decided what they were going to do before they got there.”
The Lancashire Telegraph also received a letter from an exam invigilator Tom Pearson, who has been visiting the school for 10 years. He said: “The staff are kind and caring and have a deep interest for each child to do well. In my view each child will leave well-balanced and equipped to go out into society. What more could we wish for?”
Date of Posting: 20 July 2016
Posted By: Natasha Smallridge & Kiara Carlin
So Ofsted made recommendations to the school, which would help improve it. When Ofsted returned they saw their recommendations had been respected, but proceeded to give more damning reports. Is it just me that thinks 2 or 3 people, going into a school can't give a fully justified report on the workings of school? I was Head Boy there, I got 13 GCSE's, passed everyone! The school also recruited staff to help me with an extra GCSE! Teachers do their best and give the knowledge pupils need. Ofsted then judge each class by sitting in for 5 minutes if that, then summarise what they have seen. If the Ofsted inspector is having an off day themselves, can't they then pass that off onto the school? A couple of people, in a school for 2 days cannot give a good report of a schools failures. 5 years of school, 13 GCSE's, teachers that prepared me for further education, which I got 3 distinction stars (A*A*A* Equivalent) and now onto a BA(Hons) Professional Musicianship degree. And I'm not the only person from that school to have gone on to greater things. If you still have questions about Norden, rather than read a report compiled in a couple of days, contact myself or another former pupil who studied there for 5 years for a better representation of the opportunities Norden and it's staff offer.
Date of Posting: 17 July 2016
Posted By: Adam North
What a damming report ! I attended this school and did well, my eldest also left with super grades, and my youngest still attends and is also doing well. If a child wants to learn they will, no matter what grade Ofsted gives the school. I have total faith in the Headmaster and his staff and i am sure they will hold their heads high and get through this ridiculous blip.
Date of Posting: 14 July 2016
Posted By: Porcupine64

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